Beijing Science Fiction Reading Group
Next meeting:

Date: 8pm, Thursday April 25, 2024

Location: Nanfang Luxiangting (南方录像厅) in Sanlitun - unit 1007 of Yongli International Shopping Centre (永利国际购物中心), near the North-West corner of the Worker's Stadium (NOT Wiggly Jiggly's this week)

Movie night: Dredd (2012)

We're sometimes a bit lazy with updating the website. If the "next meeting" is in the past we'll still probably be meeting on Thursday at Wiggly Jiggly's (欧也 Cafe), Dongzhimen - check the WeChat group for updates.
The Beijing Science Fiction Reading Group is a friendly group of science fiction fans in Beijing, China. We meet most Thursdays at 8pm to discuss a different English-language science fiction story each week - usually in Wiggly Jiggly's (欧也Cafe) in Dongzhimen (close to Exit D of Dongzhimen subway station). We previously used to meet at The Bookworm before it closed.

Meetings are free and informal, and usually discuss short fiction so that everyone has the chance to read the story before the meeting. Discussions are in English but non-native speakers are of course very welcome.

We welcome all new members, whether you're an established science fiction fan or new to the genre. If you want to join our WeChat group, please add Kevin on WeChat and ask him to add you - unfortunately we're now too big to join directly by QR code.
Previously discussed stories:
April 18, 2024Introduction to 2181 Overture, Second Edition, by Gu Shi (2020, author), translated by Emily Jin (2023, translator) (with the author)
April 11, 2024Better Living Through Algorithms, by Naomi Kritzer (2023)
April 4, 2024True Names, by Vernor Vinge (1981)
March 28, 2024The Three Body Problem, by Liu Cixin (2008), and/or the Netflix TV series
March 21, 2024The Big Trip Up Yonder (1954), Harrison Bergeron (1961) and 2BR02B (1962), by Kurt Vonnegut
March 14, 2024Dune 2 (Movie, 2024), and/or Dune, by Frank Herbert (1965)
March 7, 2024Goblin Night, by James Schmitz (1965)
February 22, 2024The Annihilation of Angkor Aperion, by Fred Saberhagen (1974)
February 1, 2024Critical Mass, by Peter Watts (2022)
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