Beijing Science Fiction Reading Group
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Date: 8pm, Thursday August 18, 2022

Location: Wiggly Jiggly's (欧也Cafe), Dongzhimen

Story: The Strange Girl, by Xiu Xinyu

The Beijing Science Fiction Reading Group is a friendly group of science fiction fans in Beijing, China. We meet most Thursdays at 8pm to discuss a different science fiction story each week - usually in Wiggly Jiggly's (欧也Cafe) in Dongzhimen (close to Exit D of Dongzhimen subway station). We previously used to meet at The Bookworm before it closed. Meetings are free and informal, and usually discuss short fiction so that everyone has the chance to read the story before the meeting.

We welcome all new members, whether you're an established science fiction fan or new to the genre. If you want to join our WeChat group, please add Lorraine (WeChat ID: Lilasliu) and ask her to add you - unfortunately the group is now too big to share a QR code.
Previously discussed stories:
August 11, 2022Scanners Live in Vain, by Cordwainer Smith
August 4, 2022Instruments of Destruction, by Alexander Wales, and The Sith of Datawork, by Ken Liu
July 28, 2022New Rose Hotel, by William Gibson
July 21, 2022The Dragon Project, by Naomi Kritzer
July 14, 2022Beyond the Aquila Rift, by Alastair Reynolds
July 7, 2022Guest Law, by John C Wright
June 30, 2022Vilcabamba, by Harry Turtledove
June 23, 2022The Five Rules of Supernova Surfing, or a For Real Solution to the Fermi Paradox, Bro, by Geoffrey W Cole
June 16, 2022Unaccompanied Sonata, by Orson Scott Card
June 9, 2022Swarm, by Bruce Sterling
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